EquipNations seeks to train those who have a desire to express the compassion of Christ through ministry to lost, needy, and hurting people – in any setting from the living room to the board room, in churches, crusades, in the marketplace and on the street.

Training & Conferences

Our training events vary in topic while maintaining a singular purpose. The overriding purpose is to provide practical, hands-on, instruction that equips attendees with a simple, easy to use, model of ministry for the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of others. Every training session includes a time of activation, that is, an opportunity to ”try out” your new equipment, and a time of impartation, allowing the Spirit of God to minister to each one individually.

Physical Healing

We believe that healing the sick, in the name of Jesus, is the privilege of every believer. There are many ways to pray for the sick and we do not intend to imply that the method taught in our Healing Schools is the only way to pray. What we can say for certain, is that it is quiet, loving, easy and very effective. We follow the Five-Step Prayer Model as used by Dr. Randy Clark and his ministry teams at Global Awakening crusades and events, all over the world.


Jesus went about healing all those who were oppressed by the devil. We provide a scriptural foundation regarding demonic attachments and the freedom that is provided in Christ Jesus. Based on the Pablo Bottari model of ministry, we bring understanding of how to provide peaceful and loving freedom to those who are demonized.


With or without a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anyone who has gone through a terrifying or life-threatening event can develop PTSD. We work in conjunction with Dr. Mike Hutchings, Global Awakening, to provide insight on how to ministry to those suffering from trauma related to things such as military combat, rape, physical or sexual abuse, immigrants fleeing violence in their homelands and survivors of natural and unnatural disasters, as well as family members and others who have witnessed these and other traumatic events.


Our identity and purpose begin with a knowledge of the character of God. In these conferences we establish, or in many cases, re-establish, Who God is and what He does, so that we can move into who we are and the purpose for which we were created ~ that is, our destiny. These conferences provide varied times of impartation, allowing the Holy Spirit to minister as He wills.


With God, all things are possible. Without Him, we can do nothing. These events center around our relationship with the Lord, His abundant grace, and our responsibilities in Him. Session topics often include how to hear the voice of God, expressing the heart of God, holiness, answered prayer, and what it means to pray without ceasing.

The Culture of Heaven

Jesus prayed to the Father, “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” He also told the seventy to go ahead of Him to the places where He was about to go and to heal the sick there, saying to them, “The kingdom of heaven has come near you.” Our Culture of Heaven conference will encourage and empower you to partner with the Holy Spirit in such a way that you will say with confidence, “The kingdom of heaven has come near you.”

Five-Fold Ministry

Designed to equip the equippers, this conference is geared for senior leaders and their staff. Sessions focus on subjects such as Gifting vs Office, Dynamics of Godly Submission and Authority, Navigating Transition from Laity to Office, and more. This conference is intended to motivate, and bring confidence to, senior leaders moving into a ministry model that values Apostolic Teams.

Unity & The Body of Christ

Certainly one of Kimberly’s top 3 picks is the subject of the Body of Christ and how we are intended to be assembled together. With divine passion and excitement, this is where we discover our place of greatest function. We were created as unique works of art, intended to fit with other unique parts in order to accomplish something together that one of us cannot accomplish alone. We are linked to one another. If you want to discover your original created value, this is the conference for you!

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